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Someone asked me about what battery I used the other day for my mod and then looked at me like I had two heads when I tried to explain, so I thought I’d try and put together a little something for you all on here…
All brands vary a little but I use Sigelei because I think they’re a really well-trusted brand and they’ve never let me down yet. I use their 18650 battery with 2500mAh, here’s why!


The 18650 battery has a typical capacity of 2500 mAh (milliampere-hours). For those of you that maybe aren’t 100% clued up on this, I mean how many milliamps you can get per hour before having to charge your device. This obviously depends on how much you’re using it but in general 2500 mAh is used in one hour of vaping.


Unfortunately, you can’t have a high capacity AND a high current. It’s just not happening folks. We all want the best current without our batteries overheating but we want to get that hit. The higher the current, the lower your capacity has got to be to avoid overheating, which also means a lot more charging up. If you want a longer lasting battery, you’ll have to make some sacrifices with your current to have a bigger capacity.
At this point, if you’re thinking, brain overloaddddd then here’s my advice: get the 2500 mAh. It’s a good in-between in comparison to 3000mAh or 1500mAh.


This is the continuous discharge rating. It’s pretty much the same for all battery capabilities depending on the mAh capacity but if you have 2500mAh, you’re going to get 2500mAh continuous discharge.


If you’re a non-regulated vaper then you’re going to want a high volt for that hard hit. The 2500 mAh is 3.7v, which is a pretty decent voltage in my opinion because it’s just the right amount for creating that hit without over-heating. For the regulated vapers, it’s good news for you too because it means your device doesn’t need to reach such a high temperature so more battery life for you!

Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature: With the 2500mAh being a good middle-ground battery in terms of capacity and current, it makes the battery not have to work so hard, therefore, you can use it at a fairly low temperature so there’s definitely less chance of overheating, phewwww.

Where to buy?

When it comes to batteries for your device choose a good quality brand with a good reputation – don’t just go for the cheapest option, as more often than not they won’t be as safe!. Sigelie are one of the most trusted brands in vaping and they also have their own 18650 batteries. Click Here to view.

So there ya go! Happy Vaping!

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